How a Call is Extended for Missionary Services

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1. Download and complete the Church-Service Missionary form. You may apply to serve for 12, 18 or 24 months.

2. Meet with your bishop for an interview (bring the filled-out form with you).

3. You may be asked to meet with your stake president once your bishop has cleared your name with him.

4. Following signature approval on the Church-Service Missionary form by your bishop and stake president, the form will be mailed to the Inner City Mission

5. Your Church-Service Missionary form is then submitted to Church Headquarters for review. When you are approved, your stake president and your bishop will each recieve an approval letter.

6. Once an approval letter has been recieved by your stake president and your bishop, your bishop will set you apart.

7. You will be invited to attend a one-day training session on a Saturday. During training you will be assigned to work in a ward or branch under the direction of a bishop or branch president.